Reign + emojis [3/..]

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Toby + best acting moments on Reign [1/?]

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Fangirl Challenge: [3/40] Female Characters » Mary Stuart
"I have a duty to those who would die for me, who believe I would die for them… regardless of my personal happiness."

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infinite list of favorite reign outfits:

↳Kenna in 1.17

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Reign Hogwarts Houses
 ; Queen Mary as a Gryffindor

It seems that we will go into Hell together, then.

Mary is another easy sorting for me. Everything about her exudes courage and nobility. She’s sixteen years old and yet her entire being revolves around making sure Scotland survives, and her ladies are safe, and that she fulfills her duty as Queen. On multiple occasions she’s been willing to put herself in harms way no matter her own personal safety for the sake of her country or her people. She’s moral, passionate, headstrong, selfless, stubborn and undoubtedly a lion. 

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